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Maelstrom is a port of the original shareware game for the Macintosh.
It is a fast-action, high resolution (640x480) asteroids-like game,
with detailed graphics and original sounds.

See the file "INSTALL" for information on the compiling and installation
of Maelstrom.

Check out the file "" for information on how to play
networked Maelstrom.

See the file "README.Options" for more 


Over the course of developing Maelstrom, it has accumulated quite a few
command line and compile-time options.

Multiplayer Commmand Line Options:
		-- Only supported if network play is compiled in.

	-player N[@host][:port]
			This tells Maelstrom that it is playing a network
			game, and that player N is at host "host"

	-server N@host[:port]
			This option tells Maelstrom to use a network 



If you don't already have it, you need to download the Linux joystick
driver and install it to use the joystick support in Maelstrom.

Maelstrom was developed with version 1.7.3 of the joystick driver,
available currently at in /pub/Linux/kernel/patches/console

Note, you may have to tweak the driver some to get it to compile for
the current version of Linux.  It sh


This is a BETA release of networked Maelstrom.

Networking has been tested on Linux, SGI and DEC.  


This is the Debian Linux prepackaged version of Maelstrom, an arcade-style
game resembling Asteroids


This is the original logic of the game, as written by Andrew Welch.


This is the logic of the game rewritten to support multiple players.


This directory contains utilities to extract and display/transform 
some of the Macintosh resources

Browse inside maelstrom_1.4.3-L2.0.4-1.tar.gz

         [DIR]maelstrom-1.4.3-L2.0.4/ (108)

Download maelstrom_1.4.3-L2.0.4-1.tar.gz

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