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Package version:-


Please note that the *.man files in this directory still need to be converted
into their *.1 and *.5 counterparts.  You can convert them by typing "make" in
this directory or in the directory above.

The man pages *.1 and *.5 can then be displayed as readable plain text
by typing something like this:

	nroff -man procmail.1

or they can be moved to man directories in your MANPATH to be be viewed w


For installation instructions see the INSTALL file.
Procmail & formail mail processing package.
Copyright (c) 1990-1994, S.R. van den Berg, The Netherlands.

Some legal stuff:

Use this software package at your own risk.  The programmer cannot
be held liable for any incurred damages, directly or indirectly due to
the use or inability to use this software.

You are encouraged


The SmartList mailinglist package has been built on top of the procmail
mail processing package.  In order to install it you'll need the source
of the procmail package as well.

If you now have just the procmail sources, get the SmartList sources and
unpack them on top of the procmail source tree.
If you now have just the SmartList sources, get the procmail sources and
unpack them on top of the Sm



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