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Please have a look at README.usec about the USEC additions
and README.linux about the linux port.

  The files in this directory compromise the 1.0 release of the CMU SNMP
distribution.  This includes the SNMP/ASN.1 library, many client
applications, and supporting documentation.  The snmp agent for the Kinetics
box is included in this distribution, but the KIP code it links 


		README.linux				Aug 1996

	This is the README for the sixth release of the CMU-SNMP 
	agent and applications port to Linux. It is based on the
	latest CMU SNMP release with SNMPV2+usec support, and is
	therefore the first release without the now historic party
	based administrative model of SNMPV2.

	The port includes a SNMPV1/V2 speaking agent and some
	SNMPV1/V2 capable command-line based 


This distribution implements the internet draft "User-based Security
Model for SNMPv2". The work is based on the original CMU SNMP agent
and application code. The work started as an effort based on the
SNMPv1 agent and borrowed pieces of the SNMPv2 agent as required.

Many thanks to Steve Waldbusser for his code, used as the base for
this work.

Some notes about this release...

- Traps have not b

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