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This is the README file for es, version 0.84

Es is an extensible shell.  The language was derived from the Plan 9
shell, rc, and was influenced by functional programming languages,
such as Scheme, and the Tcl embeddable programming language.  This
implementation is derived from Byron Rakitzis's public domain
implementation of rc.

Please see config.h for any conditional flags you may have to set




0.83 to 0.84

the primitives are now documented in es.1.

thanks to suggestions from Noah Friedman, while is no longer a primitive
and cdpath searching is now from es code rather than in $&cd.  (Similarly,
%not, %and, and %or are now builtin functions, not primitives.)

some of the usage messages in prim-*.c contained % rather than %% in
strings that were passed to fa


0.9	clean up parse.y
0.9	cut down amount of memory initialized in the parser
0.9	externalize mutual recursion correctly
0.9	figure out performance consequences of disabling gc
0.9	hook for calls to wait()/ewaitfor()
0.9	make -x more like it is in sh and rc?
0.9	multiple assignment?
0.9	openbuffer/sealbuffer directly into gc space
0.9	splitting on strings?
1.5	make user functions proper

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