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This is the GNU groff document formatting system.  The version number
is given in the file VERSION.

Included in this release are implementations of troff, pic, eqn, tbl,
refer, the -man macros and the -ms macros, and drivers for PostScript,
TeX dvi format, HP LaserJet 4 printers, and typewriter-like devices.
Also included is a modified version of the Berkeley -me macros, an
enhanced version of th


This is mgm, a macro package for groff.

It is supposed to be compatible with the DWB mm macros,
and has several extensions.

Send bug reports to with a description of the problem
and a sample of text which reproduces the error.

Don't forget to mention the version of mgm (look in the beginning
of tmac.m) and the version of groff.

Any new ideas or improvements are welcome.

Newest ver


This is gxditview, a X11 previewer for groff based on MIT's xditview.
This version can be used with the output of gtroff -Tps as well as
with -TX75 and -TX100.  You will need X11R5 to install it (it might
work on X11R4, but I haven't tested it.)

See the file INSTALL in this directory for installation instructions.

xditview is copyrighted by MIT under the usual X terms (see; my cha


This file describes recent user-visible changes in groff.  Bug fixes
are not described.  There are m


Sun Nov 26 11:45:13 1995  James Clark  <>

	* Version 1.10 released.

Fri Nov 24 09:56


Tue Jan 10 07:51:37 1995 J�rgen H�gg (jh at

	* version 1.27
	* Manual updated
	* More bugs


Mon Sep 11 10:40:33 1995  James Clark  <>

	* device.c (INT_MIN, INT_MAX): Don't defin


Better selection of paper sizes with -Tps.

Make -Tlj4 work with -X.

Guess man5ext and man7ext vari

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