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This is a fix to mpage that makes it work with ArborText called "mfix".

To compile it just type: 

cc mfix.c -o mfix

To use this as a fix to mpage, just pipe the mpage output through stdin and it will
send the corrected output to stdio.. 

For example, try it on the file "", by typing :

mpage -2 -P | mfix | lpr

and the file should be sent to the printer..

Note: This program mig



Mpage and all the files distributed with mpage are covered by copyright:

 Copyright (c) 1988 Mark P. Hahn, Herndon, Virginia
 Copyright (c) 1994-1996 Marcel J.E. Mol, Rijswijk, The Netherlands
     Permission is granted to anyone to make or distribute verbatim
     copies of this document as received, in any medium, provided
     that this copyright notice is preserved, and that t


README.OS2 - mpage 2.3 for OS/2 Warp (and 2.x) - 1996/04/06

This is a fast and easy port of mpage for OS/2. To BUILD, you need the
emx0.9b (fix03) port of GCC (maybe it also works with previous versions,
I haven't tried) and GNU make (3.74).

Makefile:       Check the makefile and set the OS/2 switches.
encoding.h:     You might want to default to codepage 850 encoding.
                In that ca


User visable changes

Version 2.4 September 1996
- option -b to select pa


Sep 1996	Marcel J.E. Mol
  Version 2.4
    - Set PS id string to level 2 instead of 1


Current Bug List:

- Scaling should be done differently: 18/4 gives odd integers, s


 * mpage:	A program to reduce pages of print so that several pages
 * 	  	of output appear on one

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