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Package version:0.8.0


libgpod is a library meant to abstract access to an iPod content. It
provides an easy to use API to retrieve the list of files and playlist
stored on an iPod, to modify them and to save them back to the iPod.

This code was originally part of gtkpod ( When the iPod
content parsing code was made to be self-contained with gtkpod 0.93,
we chose to put this code in a separate library s


Starting with the iPod Classics and the Video Nanos, libgpod needs an 
additional configuration step to correctly modify the iPod content. libgpod 
needs to know the so-called iPod "firewire id", otherwise the iPod won't 
recognize what libgpod wrote to it and will behave as if it's empty.

There are several ways to set up an iPod so libgpod can find its firewire id.

The preferred method is autom



The goal of this document is to provide an overview of the various parts/files
involved when libgpod interacts with a device. Ideally it will be helpful to
help application writers/distributors/... figure out what's going wrong when 
trying to interact with an iPod-like device.

Please note that not all devices need all these steps (especially the
hash58/hash72 stuff and the sqlite 


* Summary

For things to work with an iPod Nano 5G or an iPhone/iTouch, you need
  - an iPod_Control


Overview of changes in libgpod 0.8.0

For information about iPh


2009-08-19  Todd Zullinger  <>

	* Sync for automake


This package has a single license: LGPL20 (GNU Library General Public License version 2.0).

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