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This is tftp-hpa, a conglomerate of a number of versions of the BSD
TFTP code, changed around to port to a whole collection of operating
systems.  The goal is to work on any reasonably modern Unix with

The tftp-hpa series is maintained by H. Peter Anvin <>.

The latest version of this collection can be found at:

See the f


Starting in version 0.27, tftp-hpa has the option of a "use Unix
permissions" mode.  In this mode, tftpd can access any file accessible
by the tftpd effective user, specified via the -u option.  This means
that files no longer need to be set to o+r or o+w.

If file creation is enabled (via the -c option), the -p option also
changes the default umask from 0 (anyone can read or write) to


Changes in 5.2:
	Fix breakage on newer Linux when a single interface has
	multiple IP addresses.

Changes in 5.1:
	Add -P option to write a PID file.  Patch by Ferenc Wagner.

	Bounce the syslog socket in standalone mode, in case the
	syslog daemon has been restarted.  Patch by Ferenc Wagner.

	Build fixes.

	Fix handling of block number wraparound after a successful
	options negotiation.

	Fix a

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