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#	@(#)README	5.3 (Berkeley) 7/29/92


This Sony RISC workstation support is done as a sub-project in WIDE research
project.  Sony Corp. contributed device drivers and gave us great
technical supports.  Kazumasa Utashiro worked mainly for 4.4-alpha porting
but that work was based on 4.3-Reno port helped by other project 


This directory contains 14 shell procedures designed to carry out
various verification and regeneration tasks on the UNIX User's
Manual.  The outputs of all procedures are left in files in
/_u_s_r/_m_a_n/_t_m_p; `tocrc (see below) also leaves output in
/_u_s_r/_m_a_n/_m_a_n_0.  By default, these procedures operate on all 8
sections of the manual.  The options `-s' and `-f' are a


#	@(#)README	5.1 (Berkeley) 6/30/90

Notes about the contents of the /etc/kerberosIV directory:

The file master_key contains a copy of the master key under which the
entire Kerberos database is encrypted.  Disclosing this key would be bad
news.  The reason it is stored in the filesystem is because the following
programs need to inspect or modify the kereros database, and so the key
must be availa


This is a source file distribution for the game dungeon as implemented
in f77 for Unix(R) systems.  


#	@(#)README	5.3 (Berkeley) 11/21/91

The potentially offensive fortunes are not installed by defaul


Larn is a dungeon type game program.  Larn is a adventure/action game similar
in concept to rogue or


June 25, 1986

This is a much modified version of Phantasia.  It is intended to fix
all reported bu


			Warp Kit, Version 7.0

		    Copyright (c) 1986, Larry Wall

You may copy the warp kit in whole o

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