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This file and the directories cvt and uucp have been stolen directly from
the 4.3BSD distibution.  They are as is and untested.

The rest of the directories (doc, man, misc, and src) comprise the 2.11NEWS
system as distributed on mod.sources in September of 1986.  They have been
compiled and run on a 2.10BSD system and work with the exception of expire
and vnews which tend to die from memory starv


These are programs that have been useful for some people.
They are provided for your potential use, but are not
considered part of the official news release.


This directory contains a number of modifications to UUCP that
are useful for news.  Only the minus.z mod is really crucial,
the others are there primarily to boost performance so as to
cut down on the load on your machine.  There are many other
mods to UUCP kicking around - many bug fixes and security improvements.
Watch net.bugs.uucp for these.  One large mod that is very useful
is the Duke uudi


Bug reports, technical questions:
	Please, if possible, report bugs using the standard sendbug


/usr/adm/messages must be writable by the world so that syslog(3) can write
on it for non-network ke


We haven't looked at this, let alone touch it.
It's exactly as distributed with 2.9BSD.

Keith Bosti


This directory, /usr/lib/ms, contains various macro files used
by the -ms package, along with variou


	README	4.3	86/04/03

Here are the currently supported types of printers:

37		default Model 37 Tele

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