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News  installation The routine must be installed prior to instalā€
lation of Consult the  getdate  subdirectory  before  proceeding.
Edit  /usr/include/whoami.h and change the #define for sysname to
the name chosen for your system.  If you will be  receiving  news
from other systems via uucp, add an entry for "rnews" to the Cmds
array of uuxqt.c, then remake uuxqt.  (Other  useful  suggestions


A copy of the -ms macro package tmac.s is enclosed,
in case you don't have that macro package available.
This is primarily aimed at PWB and Bell Labs sites
which have only -mm.  It might be of use on version 6
but I suspect not unless you have a more recent nroff
or troff than v6.  Almost all the documentation here
uses -ms except the -me documentation.


			Tips for installing csh

Note: there are several versions of csh at Berkeley.  The official, current,
csh (which will be sent out as csh on the 4bsd vax distribution) uses the
process control features of 4bsd and isn't conditionally compiled, so
there isn't much point in distributing it on 2bsd.  There are 2 or 3 versions
of csh which should run on about any system, however.  The is the origina


Included here are overlayed binaries for version 3.6 of vi.
This is the current production version a


Wed Jan 28 14:09:18 PST 1981

These files were used to make slides for a talk about termcap
given at


Vsh is designed for version seven Unix.  It should work on version
six proveded special versions of 


The  C  library  routine getdate(3) should be put in /lib/libc.a:
        make install         make 


Option processor now table driven.  Smaller, more obscure.

New option: "-r" prints articles newest 

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         [DIR]doc/ (12)  65535+ mirrors
         [DIR]include/ (4)  65535+ mirrors
         [DIR]ingres/ (12)  133 mirrors
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983 B1981-02-19READ_ME  view  5 mirrors
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3.60 KB1979-05-07tar.1  view  7 mirrors
217 B1981-05-08tarit  view  3 mirrors
         [DIR]upgrade/ (6)  6220+ mirrors
         [DIR]usenet/ (3)  668+ mirrors

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