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newstat  get file status (with 16‐bit uid)
sets  up status information in for the file whose null‐terminated
name is pointed to by is defined as a C‐structure in This routine
uses  the  system  call (II) to set up and then fixes up the in a
contiguous word‐bounded 16  bits.   /usr/include/stat16.h   ( for
declaration  of  statbuf ) stat (II), newfstat (III) ‐1 indicates
an error, 0 succe


alarm     alarm  clock  [day] [month] [date] hour:minute[:second]
+minutes prints a message of the form: "Warning, the time is  Fri
Jun  1  10:36:41  1979" at the specified time.  Most of the argu‐
ments may be omitted, the current date, month, and year being as‐
sumed.   The  arguments  may be specified in any order and may be
composed of upper or lower case letters.  Only  the  first 


alps   algebraic  linear  programming  system file ...  takes the
concatenation of the arguments (or standard input if is  missing)
to be a description file of a linear programming problem.  Having
analysed the it invokes an algorithm which seeks  solution  bases
and  performs post‐solution analysis.  The following list of key‐
words will give the flavour of  the  problem  specificaton.   ba��


ass     assemble  and  link student macro programs ass [‐ls] name
will assemble the macro program 


cat   concatenate and print file ...  reads each file in sequence
and writes it on the standard outp


cc   C  compiler [ ] [ ] [ ] [ out ] [ def ] [ ] [ ] [ ] file ...
is the UNIX C compiler.  It accept


chmod   change  mode  octal file ...  The octal mode replaces the
mode of each of the files.  The mo


copy  copy contents of a directory tree [ ‐a ] [ ‐l ] [ ‐m ] [ ‐n
] [ ‐o ] [ ‐r ] [ ‐s

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