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qmail-smtpd does not know if a user exists. Lots of resources are wasted by
scanning mail for spam and viruses for addresses that do not exist anyway.

A replacement smtpd written in Perl could use this module to quickly verify
that a local email address is (probably) actually in use.

This module comes with a daemon program called qmail-deliverabled and a modu


# Revision history for Perl extension Qmail::Deliverable.
# The format for this changelog is described at

VERSION:      1.07
fix: in vpopmail/valias now works as intended.
new:          Support for vpopmail user-ext (disabled by default).
change:       The plugin check_qmail_deliverable lost its "check_" prefix.
info:         Thi


My wishes for future versions:

- Put plugin or smtproutes functionality in a module
- Put status descriptions in a module
- Provide more detailed info for what's now just 0x00
- Write a qmail-spp plugin
- Change the qpsmtpd plugin to a module based plugin
- Use real daemonization instead of fork && exit
- Write a test suite; is this even possible?

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