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  Sys::Virt Readme

This module provides a Perl XS binding for the libvirt APIs. For
further details on libvirt consult its website

The only pre-requisite for this module is libvirt itself. For
installation instructions, consult the INSTALL file.

The current minimum required version of libvirt is 0.9.13

-- End


Revision history for perl module Sys::Virt

0.10.0 2012-09-17

 - Add all new APIs and constants in libvirt 0.10.0
 - Add example program showing use of event callbacks
 - Fix crash when registering event callback with 'undef'
   for the domain parameter
 - Fix typos in the definition of some docs

0.9.13 2012-07-02

 - Add all new APIs and constants in libvirt 0.9.13

0.9.12 2012-05-21

 - Add al


  Sys::Virt Authors

Sys::Virt is written and maintained by

   Daniel P. Berrange <berrange-at-redhat-dot-com>

Patches contributed by:

   Anthony Hinsinger <anthony-dot-hinsinger-at-univ-pau-dot-fr>
   Stepan Kasal      <skasal-at-redhat-dot-com>
   Ludwig Nussel     <ludwig-dot-nussel-at-suse-dot-de>

-- End


This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of either:


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