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MySQL::Replication - Decentralised, peer-to-peer, multi-master MySQL replication

MySQL::Replication is a replacement for MySQL's built-in replication. The
reason for this module is that there are a number of issues with MySQL's
built-in replication:

  * You can't have multiple masters
  * There is a possibility of infinite replication loops
  * Time is wasted by time slicing
  * Queries may get 


WARNING: These tests should not be run in production.

Note that these tests were created to aid development and to test my
assumptions, so there might be a few things here (why and how) that do not make
any sense.

The MySQL::Replication::Server::GetQuery.t test script currently runs on
binlogs generated on my machine so it's not helpful to anyone else at the
moment. In the future I plan to autom

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