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Provision::Unix is a suite of provisioning scripts used to create, modify
and destroy accounts on Unix systems. The types of accounts that can be
provisioned are organized by class with each class including a standard
set of operations. All classes support a minimum of the following 
operations: create and destroy.  Additional common operations in many
classes are: modify, suspend,


Revision history for Provision-Unix

0.90 Feb 12, 2010
  - fixed typo in P:U:V:L:Xen module.

0.89 Feb 12, 2010
  - instead of using system calls result code, check if xen disk image is 
    mounted after attempt to unmount it.
  - increased test VPS disk size from 2 to 4GB

0.88 Jan 18, 2010
  - missed an instance of $xen_conf->read_file  whose exception was unhandled
  - allow VE reinstall via 


Every module in the Provision::Unix package adheres to the following guidelines: 

 1. Where possible, specific implementations are generalized into a generic classes. For example, DNS can be provisioned onto a number of different DNS servers. Each server has unique methods to add, modify, or remove DNS objects (zones, zone records, etc). Rather than coding Provision::Unix::DNS to a specific impl

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