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yagg - generates a string generator from a grammar

Given YACC-like and LEX-like input files, yagg generates a C++ program that
generates all strings of a user-specified length.  The YACC-like language
grammar file provides the grammar productions for string generation, along
with optional action blocks that can perform context-sensitive checks in order
to limit the generated strings.  The LEX-lik


This is an example that demonstrates methods for restricting the number of
generated strings. See the tutorial for more information.

Run it with:

$ yagg -m ab.yg
$ ./output/progs/generate 4

$ yagg -m ab_1.yg
$ ./output/progs/generate 4

$ yagg -m ab_2.yg
$ ./output/progs/generate 4


This is the source code for a simple logical expression parser. The
distribution is based on the easy-to-use makefile framework I have developed.
The interesting bits for this sample code are in src/

David Coppit <>


This example generates a list of basic event models. Basic event models are
used with fault trees to


This example generates fault trees. Fault trees are a reliability modeling
language in which models 


This example generates fault trees similar to the fault_trees example. The
only difference is that t


This is an example that generates hexadecimal numbers. String generation is a
lot like counting. Not


This example generates logical expressions. It is similar to the
logical_expressions_simple example,

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