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README for Thread::Queue::Any

Almost drop-in replacement for Thread::Queue that allows any (unshared)
data-structure to be passed between threads by means of a queue.

                         *** A note of CAUTION ***

This module only functions if threading has been enabled when building
Perl, or if the "forks" module has been installed on an unthreaded Perl.



1.07    1 June 2012
        Added installation description (as generated by the latest version of
        Devel::Required) to pod and README.

        The experiment by generating a "maint" distribution has worked out ok.
        Both releases are now viewable on and MetaCPAN.  The
        only thing I need to do, is upload the "maint" distribution before
        the "blead" versio


Check out whether Data::Dumper as an alternate way to safely serialize data
(including code refs) between threads, as per suggestion of Brent Dax.

Browse inside Thread-Queue-Any-1.07.tar.gz

         [DIR]Thread-Queue-Any-1.07/ (13)

Download Thread-Queue-Any-1.07.tar.gz

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