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README for Thread::Tie

Tie variables into a thread of their own.  Creates alternative to the current
shared variables implementation.  Also allows shared variables to be tied to
the module of your choice (inside the thread they reside in).

                         *** A note of CAUTION ***

This module only functions on Perl versions 5.8.0 and later.  And then
only when threads are enabled with 


0.13	19 September 2010
	Checking out the tool chain with perl 5.13.5.

	28 January 2004
	Made sure the test-suite cleans up on multi-versioned systems.

0.12	28 December 2003
	Added automatic required modules update using Devel::Required.

0.11	27 September 2003
	Added dependency on, version 0.11, as that has some more fixes,
	particularly relating to running under taint.

	18 September 20


Reading lines in list context only reads first line.  Need some way to
correctly propegate the context to the actual read routine.  First attempt
at this screwed up so many things I undid the changes.

Maybe a rogue DESTROY test should be added to the DESTROY subs?

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