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README for load

The allows you to have Perl load subroutines only when necessary.
It is primarily intended as a memory saving action, specifically for threaded
Perl and mod_perl applications, but maybe useful in more traditional Perl
applications as well.

Copyright (c) 2002-2007 Elizabeth Mattijsen <>. All rights
reserved.  This program is free software; you can redistribut


0.21	31 March 2012
	Fixed some pod issues.  Brought code in line with current esthetics.
	Changed internal storage from packed L3 to packed w3 format, for
	hopefully smaller memory footprint.

0.20	20 September 2010
	Fixed problem that started to manifest itself with a slightly different
	handling of localized $@, starting in perl 5.13.x.

0.19	24 April 2007
	Fixed problem in test-suite that was l


Use the <DATA> handle if there is one available.

Use a source-filter to implement a ":ondemand" attribute.

Add more testing for interaction with "".

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