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README for persona

The persona module was born out of the need to be able to easily specify which
subroutines of a module should be available (as in "compiled") in different
sets of mod_perl environments (e.g. the visitors front end web servers, or
the personnel's back-office web servers).  This both from a memory, database
and CPU usage point of view, as well as from the viewpoint of security.



0.12	3 April 2012
	Fix test-suite so that it also (presumably) passes all tests in Win
	with strawberry perl.

0.11	31 March 2012
	Some pod fixes and brought up to current code esthetics.  Also checked
	it runs on 5.14.2 threaded and unthreaded.

0.10	6 February 2009
	Added support for more complex persona specifications, specifically
	!( foo || bar ) to indicate that code should be compiled for a

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