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This module provides lookup of SPF records including support for SenderID.
It's thought as an alternative to Mail::SPF in cases, where you don't want to
block waiting for the SPF response but instead want to continue doing other
stuff or doing multiple SPF in parallel w/o using multiple threads or processes.
See perldoc of Mail::SPF::Iterator for more details.

- Thanks for http://www.genu


1.10 2011-08-30
- return ('') also if TXT was NXDOMAIN but SPF query is still open etc
1.09 2011-08-29
- let next() report ('') if given packet matched query, but got
  ignored or () if packet did not match any query, instead of 
  reporting () in both cases

1.08 2009-09-08
- fixed case where problem part in SPF-Received Header contained

1.07 2009-08-31
- fix for SPF with multiple inc


These modules are copyright (c) 2008, Steffen Ullrich. 
All Rights Reserved.
These modules are free software. They may be used, redistributed
and/or modified under the same terms as Perl itself.

The SPF test suite in t/rfc4408-tests.yml has a different 
copyright, see t/rfc4408-tests.LICENSE.

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