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Test/MockDBI version 0.61

Test::MockDBI lets you test DBI interfaces by mocking-up the
DBI interface with Test::MockObject in any way you choose.
Standard output of the resulting program can then be
examined as to whether your program correctly uses the DBI.
Mock DBI interfaces like Test::MockDBI improve upon DBI
tracing facilities like DBI::trace() and DBD::Mock


Revision history for Perl extension Test::MockDBI.

0.62  Thu Dec  4 14:05:50 CET 2008
    - Added support for hash-based fetch methods.
    - Added customization of DBI->errstr(), now undef
      by default.
    - Rewritten test suite Test::Harness style.
    - Added underscore prefix to private subs to fit
      with Pod::Coverage.

0.61  Thu Feb  3 09:28:49 EST 2005
    - Fixed version number i


- Move database-handle-specific data to the mock DBI 
  database handle object, so that different database
  handles can have different Test::MockDBI configurations.
  This will probably involve changing the Test::MockDBI API
  to include the database handle as an argument.   Also, the
  DBI functions that return a statement handle will need to
  be modified to return the correct mock DBI database

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