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Fidonet/FTN Database related processing (FTN-Database)

Perl extension for Fidonet/FTN related processing in an SQL database supported
by a Perl DBD module, defaulting to SQLite. Includes both general operations
and specific operations like for Nodelist processing. 

Required, neccessary and/or useful modules, etc.:

DBD::SQLite SQLite DBD Module is required by default, so should be installed.


Revision history for FTN-Database (ftnpldb) application

0.34    Sat Sep  1 19:10 2012
    - Separate out the FTN::Database Perl Modules and the FTN Database application
      into their own distributions.

0.33    Sun Jun 10 08:43 2012
    - Copy create_ftn_nodelist_table from ftnpl-admin to ftnpl-nodelist
    - Rewrite/Rename subroutine create_ftn_nodelist_table in ftnpl-admin 
    - Add generic


=head1 FTN-Database To Do

=head2 General

Move code repository information and the distribution archive information
from the README file to elsewhere. POD in main module?  website and/or wiki?

Investigate the usage of SQL::Statement. Possibly at least use it for testing?

=head2 FTN::Database

The create_ftn_database function as currently coded really only works for
sqlite databases, because i

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