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The OSPF::LSDB Perl module and its submodules implement the
functionality to hold, parse, check, display the content of an OSPF
link-state database.

OSPF::LSDB          - hold the content of the OSPF link-state database
OSPF::LSDB::gated   - parse the output from the gated OSPF daemon
OSPF::LSDB::ospfd   - parse the output from the OpenBSD ospf daemon
OSPF::LSDB::ospf6d  - 


1.07 2012-09-19
    - I give up running perl -Tc on CPAN testers for all platforms.
      skip the -Tc subtest in syntax-cgi.t if it might create problems

1.06 2012-09-18
    - ospfview recognizes when the dot process dies and restarts it
    - add @INC to syntax-cgi to increase chances that CPAN testers pass

1.05 2012-09-03
    - test that an ancient yaml file without version can be converted


Things on my Agenda:
    - check wether IPv6 pointtopoint and virtual neighbor interface matches
    - test link-LSAs and intra-area-prefix-LSAs
    - more dot6 tests
    - better IPv6 support
    - check that intra-area-prefix network consists of link LSAs
    - check for link-local prefixes
    - check for prefixes longer than prefixlen
    - router with summary or boundary has to have B bit


Thanks to GeNUA mbH to let me work on this
code and release it to the public.


Copyright (c) 2010-2012 Alexander Bluhm <>

Permission to use, copy, modify, 

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