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Data::Maker - Simple, flexibile and extensible generation of realistic data

Data::Maker does not know why kind of data you need, but it will help you make lots of it.

And if you happen to need one of the various types of data that is available as predefined field types,
it can be made even easier.

The big difference between Data::Maker and modules you may have seen before is that Data::Maker 



0.23 (05.05.2010) - John Ingram <>
  * Fixed a bug in Data::Maker::Field in which a formatting atom of 0 was ignored...
    in fact, I think everything after a zero would also be ignored.  (because returning 
    zero is no better than returning nothing)
  * Modified Data::Maker::Field::DateTime so that the `start` and `end` parameters can be
    either a year (as it was originall

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