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Data-BitStream version 0.06

A Mouse/Moose class providing read/write access to bit streams.  This includes
many integer coding methods as well as straightforward ways to implement new

Bit streams are often used in data compression and in embedded products where
memory is at a premium.  While this Perl implementation may not be appropriate
for many of these appl


Revision history for Perl extension Data::BitStream.

0.06   28 May 2012
	- Make all tests numbered.
	- Documentation additions (Pod Coverage testing).
	- get_arice / put_arice modify the k parameter, just like XS code.
	- Update Additive / Goldbach to reflect DBXS and MPFS changes.

0.05   17 May 2012
	- Make a couple 64-bit tests work properly with the 'xs' module on
	  LLP64 systems.
	- Add put


- better documentation for text methods (add_code, code_get, code_put, ...)

- documentation for BLVec

- tests for consistent die return strings
  x read unary off end of stream
  x put negative numbers should give "value must be >= 0" for all put_*
  x write with undefined value
  - put_* with undefined parameters or undef value
  - get_* with undefined parameters
  - put_string with invalid st


This software is Copyright (c) 2011-2012 by Dana Jacobsen.

This is free software; you can redistrib

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