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=head1 Name

Wiktionary::Parser - Client and Parser of content from the Wiktionary API

=head1 Synopsis

This package may be used to query the Wiktionary API ( for documents by title.  It parses the resulting MediaWiki document and provides access to data structures containing word senses, translations, synonyms, parts of speech, etc.  It also provides access to the raw


Revision history for Wiktionary::Parser

0.01    2012-07-05
        First version

0.02    2012-07-07
        accessors for translations, synonyms, hyponyms, hypernyms, antonyms, pronunciations, word senses, parts of speech
        stubbed out accessors for etymologies, derived words, alternative forms
        added methods for accessing and traversing document sections
        utilize MediaWiki::


* add methods to access data on Index pages. e.g:

* Methods to access Alternative Forms
* Methods to access Definitions

* Methods to access specific slices of data? (need suggestions)

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