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This is a scholarly text collation program, which has been used
successfully for editing the Armenian-language Chronicle of Matthew of
Edessa.  Its documentation and test suite is half-done, its
functionality is mostly there but not complete, and there are some
improvements to the algorithm that are crying out to be made.  I am
releasing it anyway in hopes that it may be useful, and I will be


Revision history for Text::TEI::Collate

2.0	 Mon 25 Jul 2011

* Rewrote core diff algorithm - collation is now a lot slower but
  rather more accurate, or at least it should be.
* Fixed use of default canonizer / comparator for manuscript words
* Fixed testing dependency on Graph::Easy, for real this time

1.2	 Mon 18 Jul 2011

* Fixed testing dependency on Graph::Easy
* Fixed SVG generation wher


For the core libraries:
- write tests for gap detection and 2-word glommed matching
- Decide if it is really useful to differentiate between
  "orthographic" and "spelling" variation
- Do a better job of comparing the words in a new text with the
  "chained" alternative words that have already been collated.  This
  would not be hard to do, it just hasn't been done.
- Handle transposition properly

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