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                     F r a m e s R e a d y

The FramesReady package depends on the libwww-perl collection of Perl
modules which provides a simple and consistent application programming
interface to the World-Wide Web.  The main focus of this library is to
provide classes and functions that allow you to write WWW clients that
retrieve framesets and in-


Self test suite for the libwww-perl library

Tests are invoked by running the ./TEST script, but usually you run
the tests with "make test" at the top-perl directory.  Use -v option
for verbose tests.  You might run an individual test like this:

  ./TEST -v base/date

or all tests in a directory like this

  ./TEST base

You enable network tests by crea


2010-04-08  Alan E Derhaag  <>

	* lib/LWP/UserAgent/
	Corrected for use of mirror that needed the parent class of to process so check was added to request().

	* t/net/mirror.t:
	Complete remake to get the RC_NOT_MODIFIED response and implement
	tests with Test::More for maintainability.

2010-04-07  Alan E Derhaag  <aederhaag@al


                                            $Date: 2007/10/25 07:03:06 $

This is a list of things t

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