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The WebIT embeded web server was created a long time ago to make a pure perl application that will interact 
directly with I<Kannel>. The need was to relieve I<Kannel> from the need to wait for the web server to run 
its scripts before going back to serve another SMS message. In this respect WebIT is a hack and can be 
configured to behave in a manner which is not according to the RFC's for HTTP. 


To run this demo you need to have in your path.

Execute the script to create the SOAP::WSDL structure needed for the server and then from this directory
run the script. 

You will be able to call the web service from

to get the wsdl file of the web service and then with SOAPUI or some other tool call the single test method of t


To execute this test simply run the file. 

You will be able to access the web server via

as well as the error page

All the above are just demos of several differ


Revision history for EmbedIT-WebIT

1.6.2   2009-10-07
        Fixed dependencies checking
1.6.1   2


Embedit::WebIT is dual licensed under the same terms as
Perl itself.

This means at your choice, eit

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