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Rasterize SVG content to pixel graphics.

SVG::Rasterize can be used to rasterize SVG|SVG objects to pixel
graphics building on the perl bindings of the cairo library (by
default, other underlying rasterization engines could be added). The
direct rasterization of SVG _files_ might be implemented in the
future, right now you should have a look at SVG::Parser which can
generate an SVG


Revision history for SVG-Rasterize

0.001000 Wed May 12 21:00:58 NZST 2010
	 Identical to 0.000009.

0.000009 Wed May 12 20:55:57 NZST 2010 (unpublished)
	 - Introduces SVG::Rasterize::Specification,
	   SVG::Rasterize::Properties, and
	   SVG::Rasterize::Colors. These files are at least
	   semiautomatically created from the DTD or human readable
	   specification. This hopefully finalizes the ge


This file list some things I don't want to forget. There are many possibly
much more important things to do which are not listed here because I won't
forget them.

- Params::Validate consequently
- consequently use in_error where required
- stricter on percentage in colors
- explicit return in all methods
- document engine_class attribute
- introduce engine_args attribute
- documentation on SVG va

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