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Bio-SDRS version 0.01

The README is used to introduce the module and provide instructions on
how to install the module, any machine dependencies it may have (for
example C compilers and installed libraries) and any other information
that should be provided before the module is installed.

A README file is required for CPAN modules since CPAN extracts the
README file from a m


Revision history for Perl extension Bio::SDRS.

0.04  Sat Jul  2 21:15:01 2011
	- Added a precision control to the output for ec50data method so
	the test output would have controlled rounding and lead to fewer
	discrepancies. Added documentation to script and modified
	the makefile so it would be included as an executable.
0.01  Sun Feb  6 14:31:01 2011
	- original version; created by h

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