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This module was intended to be a flexible and pluggable arch for
parsing SGF and producing images and xml and things.  In reality
it's a bit of a mess.  It may work for certain things and I have
it deployed in quite a few places, but it's probably not the best
choice if you can find something else that works.

As far as I know, I'm the only person left in the whole wide
world that's using this --


0.9782: Fri Jul 28 2011
   - There were some bugs with as_html when rendering boards smaller than 19x19.

0.9781: Fri Jun 04 2010
   - hrm, there are serious critical flaws in Parse::Lex.  I wish this module
     wasn't married to it.  Parse::Template::ppregexp intentionally changes !
     to \! before it's ineserted in the template.  perl5.8.8 doesn't care at
     all if (?<!blarg) is actually sp

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