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LibTracker::Client version 0.01

Tracker is a tool designed to extract information and metadata about your
personal data so that it can be searched easily and quickly.

By using Tracker, you no longer have to remember where you've left your
files. To locate a file you only need to remember something about it, such
as a word in the document or the artist of the song.


Testing LibTracker::Client

So you downloaded LibTracker::Client and you even managed to compile it. But
all good modules have tests and so does LT::C. What makes LT::C a little
different is that it needs a running trackerd to test stuff. And it would
want to change some properties on an entry (path) indexed by tracker to test
out most of its functionality.

If LT::C were a regular old module, we 


Revision history for Perl extension LibTracker::Client.

0.01  Sun Mar  9 11:58:31 2008
	- original version; created by h2xs 1.23 with options
		-n LibTracker::Client tracker

0.02  Sat Jul 12 16:25:14 2008
	- included Devel::CheckLib to bail out on unmet dependencies.


Tasks remaining :

  * Add the tracker_search_get_hit_count_all() method : I've never seen this

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