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DBD::drizzle - A Perl5 Database Interface to the Drizzle database

<documentation is coming my friends ;)>

You can also get help from the maintainer, Patrick Galbraith


2009-06-22 Patrick Galbraith <> (0.200)
* Fixed broken tests
* Fixed bind_type_guessing to work as it does in DBD::mysql
* Added missing insert_id database handle attribute fetching
* Added several tests that were missing that exist in DBD::mysql
* Removed extra cruft from
* Fixed hash-key retrieval for connection options
* Fixed double-free of imp_dbh->result in dbd_st_destroy


- update tests to use get_info(SQL_IDENTIFIER_QUOTE_CHAR) for quoting 
  (when s///ing  suff out or update tests to use quoted names).
x use DBD::ODBC & its type_info_all() to test type_info_all in DBD::mysql
- write test scripts for quote_idenitifer();
- add tests for autoreconnect (dev only -- since these will require restarting 
  mysqld ?)
- Write up test for found_rows = 1 
+ document change 

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