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Given a database and a directory, this module (and its accompanying script)
will create stub Class::DBI sub-class modules.  It differs from
Class::DBI::AutoLoader in that it spits out code instead of just magickally
instantiating classes.

To install, do the usual dance:

$ perl Makefile.PL
$ make
$ make test
$ sudo make install


2010-09-24   DCANTRELL   1.03  Fix MySQL tests - irritatingly different
                                 behaviour re default values from one
                                 version of the db to another

2009-02-10   DCANTRELL   1.02  Fix another bug in tests which showed up on
                                 BSDish platforms but look more like a
                                 SQLite driver ve


Read extra bumph from STDIN, append to all table classes

use TT to generate files?

Browse inside Class-DBI-ClassGenerator-1.03.tar.gz

         [DIR]Class-DBI-ClassGenerator-1.03/ (11)

Download Class-DBI-ClassGenerator-1.03.tar.gz

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