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* I don't want to maintain the NANP modules myself, so can some NANPish *
* person please contact me to arrange to take them over yourself.  You  *
* will need to have an interest in telecoms and I would prefer someone  *
* who is on the telnum-l mailing list or something similar so that you  *
* will be kept up to date with


2009-03-04      1.7001  Kill warnings about GE being deprecated;
                        Add missing dep on Digest::MD5

2009-02-26      1.7     Fix formatting for valid but unallocated UK numbers;
			One of the UK telcos whose name we check for in
			  tests renamed itself;
                        New UK allocations;
			Added country-to-code and national/international
			  prefix data to N::P::C,


better OFCOM parser
more systematic UK tests
details for NANP-ish countries
details for non-geo NANP numbers
support phone extensions - eg +44 1234 567890 ext 37

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