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This is Garivini, a mostly language agnostic job persistence engine for

Copyright 2011 Dormando (
Copyright 2011 SAY Media, inc

License is the same as perl itself

See `perldoc Garivini` for more information.


2011-08-18: Release version 0.002

No functional changes. Adam made the POD less hideous.

2011-08-17: Release version 0.001

Initial release. Code is experimental. Beware of bugs, and we reserve the
right to rename methods and queue names for a few versions.


- tests.
- Gearman::Server needs a fast "queue depth" command, along with
  Gearman::Client support so we don't have to manually do socket crap.
- Factor loop time for batch_run_sleep and only sleep the difference.
- Error handling needs to be sussed out everywhere.
- ::DB should use String::CRC32 to pick a dbid when uniqkeys are supplied.
  (same as Gearman::Client)
- Improve docs more? It's miss

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