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PGXN/API version 0.16.1

This application provides a REST API for flexible searching of PGXN
distribution metadata and documentation. It is currently in development. Watch
this space and the [PGXN Blog]( as things develop!

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2011 David E. Wheeler.

This module is free software; you can redistribu


pair 0.1.0

This library contains a single PostgreSQL extension, a key/value pair data
type called `pair`, along with a convenience function for constructing
key/value pairs. It's just a simple thing, really: a two-value composite type
that can store any type of value in its slots, which are named "k" and "v".

The `pair` data type was created as an inspiration, as documented in
[this b


Revision history for Perl extension PGXN::API

0.16.1  2012-01-10T04:30:02Z
      - Added `version_string` class method to PGXN::API. It should always be
        used for displaying the version.
      - Added `Capfile` for capistrano deployment.
      - Added `eg/debian_init`, an example init script for Debian that runs
        PGXN::API on Starman.
      - Added `eg/pgxn_sync`, an example shell s

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