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	BeanCounter -- A stock portfolio performance monitoring tool

1. Introduction

   Ever wondered what happened to your portfolio on a day the market moved
   500 points?  Ever wondered what your portfolio returned over the last
   (odd) period?  Ever wondered if there was a simple cron job to report
   portfolio changes on a daily basis?  Ever wondered if you could database
   the (public) price


		  Debian Installation Notes for beancounter

On a Debian system, the following steps are required for beancounter to run:

0. In case you are upgrading from an older installation of beancounter,
   run the script update_beancounter to add some columns to the tables.

1. Install PostgreSQL [or MySQL or SQLite]

      root# apt-get install postgresql

   which will also install postgresql-client 


		  Non-GNU Installation Notes for beancounter
               (especially applicable for Solaris 2.x systems)

Systems that don't have bash at /bin/sh and other non GNU utils may find the
following guidance helpful. Such systems include SUN Solaris 2.x, and others
that derive from the AT&T SVR4 UNIX baseline and many non-Linux systems.

The general installation sequence remains unchanged.

00. R


beancounter (0.8.9) unstable; urgency=low

  * Minor bugfix releases:

    o DateCalc() now requires


* stock splits
  [ idempotent backpopulation, which is done in 0.5.0, eases this a little ] 

* ann


Andreas Wuest <>
	for suggestions and testing around early versions 
kristian orl


This is the Debian GNU/Linux version of the beancounter stock portfolio
performance monitoring progr

Browse inside beancounter_0.8.9.tar.gz

         [DIR]beancounter-0.8.9/ (23)

Download beancounter_0.8.9.tar.gz

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