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README for Thread::Queue::Any

Almost drop-in replacement for Thread::Queue that allows any (unshared)
data-structure to be passed between threads by means of a queue.

                         *** A note of CAUTION ***

This module only functions if threading has been enabled when building
Perl, or if the "forks" module has been installed on an unthreaded Perl.



1.06    31 May 2012
        Replaced forks/threads checking logic in Makefile.PL by using the
        new Devel::ThreadsForks module.

        Changed order of files in MANIFEST in the hope that it will show the
        "blead" version of the module by default in

        Changed erroneous "require 5.014" by more appropriate "use 5.014".

1.05    30 May 2012
        After on/offli


Check out whether Data::Dumper as an alternate way to safely serialize data
(including code refs) between threads, as per suggestion of Brent Dax.

Browse inside Thread-Queue-Any-1.06.tar.gz

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Download Thread-Queue-Any-1.06.tar.gz

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