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WebSource version 2

WebSource is a framework taking the form of a perl module and allowing
computer access to the Web. It allows to describe a complex task by
decomposing it into simpler small tasks. The complex task is descriped
in an XML file. Each such task is composed of extraction, fetching, 
filtering, querying, formatting subtasks.

For example the task allowing to quer


Revision history for Perl extension WebSource.

2.5   Unreleased
        - Corrected problems with encodings in XMLParser
        - XPath matching now uses a XPath context with prefix html attached
          to the XHTML namespace. XPath expressions on HTML documents
          passed to the Extract module require using this prefix for HTML 

2.4   Dec 30 2004
        - Tranfering everything to the


This is WebSource version 2.4
Bugs :

- Update tests

Wishes :

- Build a description on the fly in the command line
- Load/Save network state to disk (in order to stop and restart network)
- Use cleaner enveloppes (all XML/DOM ?)
- File based data sharing
- Convert WebSource 1 descriptions into WebSource 2 descriptions
- Create m

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