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Pg-Loader version 0.01
====================== loads tables to a Postgres database. It is a subset of to
the pgloader(1) python program (written by other authors). Data are
read from the file specified in the configuration file (defaults to
pgloader.dat), and are executed as a single  transaction  via the COPY

The configuration file and command options are almost identical to


 This is a collection of sample configuration and data files; and
serve as example of how the configuration files should look. 
Some entries are not yet supported by, so please
consult the USAGE file, or the pod inside to read
what features are actually implemented. Un-implemented entries 
are silently ignored.

ioannis tambouras


Revision history for Perl extension Pg::Loader.

0.18  Sun Aug 29 01:05:01 2011
       - Regular upkeep: changed installer, changed and added tests

0.17  Mon May 10 06:16:13 2010
	- using inc::Module::Install installer
	- silenced 'deprecated' warning in Pg::Loader::Columns

0.16  Sun Nov  2 10:14:44 2008
	- Fixed a critical a bug in update mode

0.15  Sun Nov  2 05:10:09 2008
	- More regression 

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