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PANT version 0.14

This is a set of useful functions to facilitate building packages in
an automate build environment. It has facilities to ease common tasks
and provide a HTML build log of what happened. It has come about
because I found neither ANT or NANT did quite what I needed, and there 
is "more than one way to do it".

This is the first version, it is currently e


2005-03-14  Julian Onions  

	* Rewritten this completely to use the
	Test::Harness::Straps stuff. Tag with pass/fail tag ids.
	* Allow style data.
	* various tests changed to test the new stuff

2005-03-11  Julian Onions  

	* Added more commentary to tree copies
	* t - improved some of the tests so they run on pure windows
	* Several more tests add

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