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Package version:0.29




This package provides modules to write PerlPoint
translator software. The PerlPoint format, initially
designed by *Tom Christiansen*, is intended to provide
a simple and portable way to generate slides without
the need of a proprietary product. Slides can be prepared
in a text editor of your choice, generated on a any platform
where you find perl, and presented by any browser wh



* modified the parser module a way that its version can be
  displayed by CPAN;

* New common way to pass basic data to active contents:
  translator authors can pass a hash of settings which is
  mirrored in the active contents namespace as %$PerlPoint.
  This makes it easy to pass things like the current target
  language or call specific user settings.

  Two conventions are already int



These are just \I<ideas>. Possibly not everything in this list
will be implemented. Further ideas are welcome.


* add an intro to PerlPoint

=List shifting

* current stream representation might not be optimal
  (because it closes the first list, shifts and opens
  a new one instead of holding the first list open
  and opening a subordered list);


* Allow nested ta

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