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Perlude is a collection of functions to make the closures easy to create and
pipe. It uses haskell keywords as often as it can ( take, takeWhile, cycle,
filter, fold, ...)

In real world, Perlude = on-demand + memoization

In haskell, it's something like:

    type Lazy a = IORef (Either (() -> a) a) is more than OCaml Steams as it only implements On demand (i would
like to fi


h1. Motivation

Even with a decent perl skillset, I stuck to shell scripting to solve many
problems and dreamed to use a Linux version of PowerShell for many years.
The reason is Perl has no pipe operator.

Reading and writing Haskell programs, I figured out the 3 features which makes pipe a magic operator:

* it's on demand so you write generators without worrying about end conditions, you write 


Revision history for Perlude

0.42    2011-06-14    Marc Chantreaux
        First version, released on an unsuspecting world.

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