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Forks::Super version 0.59

Forks::Super provides drop-in replacements for the Perl
fork(), wait(), and waitpid() functions with
additional features for spawning background processes
and managing them, including:

   *  forking to shell command or subroutine

      can specify a shell command or a Perl subroutine
      (name or code reference) to invoke in the child

/Forks-Super-0.59/ file for Forks::Super module

Many standard functions of Perl are not
supported or not completely supported in
most of the ports to Windows, including
many features that would be useful to the
Forks::Super module.

1. Process groups and pseudo-process IDs

On Un*x systems, a process group is identified
with a negative value. In a Perl sc


Sys-CpuAffinity v1.05

The Sys::CpuAffinity module seeks to "do one thing and do it well":
set CPU affinities for processes on any system that can use Perl
and by any means necessary.

The module is composed of several subroutines, each one 
implementing a different technique to perform a CPU affinity
operation. A technique might try to import a Perl module,
run an external p


Sys-CpuLoadX 0.04

The Sys::CpuLoadX module started out as an integration of
the S


Revision history for Forks-Super

0.59    2012-02-22
        Improved waitall performance where ther


Revision history for Sys-CpuAffinity

1.05	2011-11-08
	Fix issue in t/11 when there is only one proc


Revision history for Perl extension Sys::CpuLoadX

0.04 2011-12-12
     convert xs_getbsdload succes


Thoughts about future releases, in no particular order.
Feel free to share your thoughts with me at 

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