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This is a backend for use with the WWW::Search module.

Please read the README for WWW::Search for general information.

(One place to find it is

Read the Changes file in this distribution to see what is new with
this backend since the previous release.


2007-06-11    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* module HeadHunter delete (website no longer exists)

2007-06-09    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* module AltaVista::Careers deleted (already exists in WWW-Search-AltaVista distro)

	* add pod test

	* use strict in all modules

2006-05-02    <Daddy@C-3PO>

	* module resurrected by Brian Sammon


This software is released under the same license as Perl itself.

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