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Net/Whois/IANA version 0.23

  This is a simple module to extract the descriptive whois
information about various IPs as they are stored in the five
regional whois registries of IANA - RIPE (Europe, Middle East),
APNIC (Asia/Pacific), ARIN (North America), AFRINIC (Africa)
and LACNIC (Latin American & Caribbean).

  It is designed to serve statistical harvesters of vari


Revision history for Perl extension Net::Whois::IANA.

0.40  Wed Mar 16 13:43:28 IST 2011
	- Switch to Module::Build and Build.PL
	- Major code cleanup
	- Optimization of queries
	- Introduction of autoloading

0.30  Thu May 27 12:13:14 IDT 2010
	- Bug fixing and patch incorporation after a long stagnation
	- Update of whois parser according to changes accumulated

0.23  Sun Nov 18 17:25:04 IST 20


o Follow redirection of queries and fixate it.
  This is tricky - I am unable to catch the redirection signal
o Add a plug-in spot for servers beyond the five basics (JPNIC etc.).
o Provide built-in cache support.
o Make some order about the invalid responses.

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